We help international companies feel at home

HAMI Legal Services, supported by sophisticated technology and powerful resources, is a leading business law firm offering outstanding legal services to our international clients. We provide commercial advice to our clients across a broad range of market sectors. Our firm offers a unique combination of strong corporate, litigation and property capabilities coupled with specialist media and intellectual property expertise. Committed to understanding the needs of our clients, their business and the sectors in which they operate, we deliver practical, innovative and prompt legal advice.

Commercial Law

Commercial law in a rapidly changing global market is increasingly complex and often requires expertise in more than one discipline.

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Corporate Law

We provide corporate advice to a range of companies, from major entities to start-ups operating around the world.

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Employment Law

Both businesses and employees need to be aware of their rights and obligations in relation to the legislation governing working relationship.

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Transportation Law

We have the experience and expertise in advising on different aspects of Transportation Law.

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Immigration Law

We provide comprehensive advice on all areas of employment related issues including Business Immigration.

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Real Estate

We have been helping clients across the world in respect of their real estates from planning and acquisition to development and disposal.

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